Hotels before/after climb

Best Hotel to stay. Hotels to stay in Moshi before and after climb Kilimanjaro Hotels, Kilimanjaro hotels booking. Lets Kilimanjaro Brother’s arranging best hotels to stay before and after your Kilimanjaro climb. Mostly, however, we choose more environmentally friendly tradional lodge to enhance your comfortable stay. Park View Hotel Moshi Situated in Moshi town center […]

Kilimanjaro Medical advice

Before traveling to Tanzania or to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, you should make sure that all of your relevant vaccinations and immunizations are up to date. is a very useful website that has plenty of advice on the major travel health issues and considerations for Mount Kilimanjaro and Tanzania. Mpenda Safari strongly recommends that you speak […]

Kilimanjaro Equipment

What to bring (Kit and Equipment List) As with any mountain climb, your chances of reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro comfortably and safely are greatly increased if you invest in the right climbing kit. The equipment and clothing required to climb Kilimanjaro doesn’t differ greatly from that required for other high altitude mountain climbs (except […]